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Level Requirements

Los Laureles Academy is the only Folklorico academy to follow guidelines for levels. We are proud of our program that has resulted in years of trained dancers!

Created by our Founder and Executive Director Ashley Lopez, Los Laureles Academy is the only Folklorico Academy in the country to create curriculum for the art of Folklorico dance. These guidelines have established Los Laureles dancers to be the top trained United States dancers representing Mexico. For over 16 years, Laureles Academy has used these guidelines below:

Level 1: Introduction to Folklorico!

Goals: Introduce students to the sounds and colors of Mexico. Ear-training and movement are introduced. Light percussive foot movement begins. Following 2-3 minute songs with classmates is added.

Step Goals: 1. Zapateado 2. Borrachos 3. Cepillados

Footwork: Learning all parts of shoes

Sound Goals: Medium sound levels with remates that require picking up knees to chest or folding foot back to bottom to get sound.

Faldeo Goals: Faldeo movements in circles 10x with right and left arms

Focus: Students should be able to engage for a complete 40 minute class

Memorization: Sequence memorization for up to 3 songs

Level 2: The love of folklorico is opened

Goals: Students continue working with all Level 1 goals plus new goals in Level 2. Choreography and dancing together with your team is introduced. Technique in lines is taught and following a drum for exact sounds and foot placement.

Step Goals: 1. Tornio 2. Polka de tres 3. Carretillas + Level 1 steps

Sound Goals: Loud sounds

Ear-Training Goals: Follow drum to create percussive exact sounds

Faldeo Goals: Faldeo to zapateado, borrachos, and cepillados. Right and left faldeo introduced

Focus: Students should be able to focus through a 50 minute class

Choreography: Students should be able to complete and remember choreography for up to 2 songs

Level 3: Discipline is fun

Goals: Level 3 is designed for students with a understanding of steps, choreography, sound, and faldeo. Technique with footwork, sound, arms, posture is added. Charachter development begins with smiles and acting. 1 state shows are created with styling introduced for each of Mexico's state. Students are invited to perform in front of large crowds.

Step Goals: Combinations of steps are introduced with knee and hip movements added. +Level 1,2 steps

Sound Goals: Metatarso & punta are key sounds developed. High and low sounds introduced. Solo dancing of steps are required.

Step Asthetics: Footwork asthetics is introduced. Steps that not only sound good but look good as well. Knee, hip, toe, etc positioning are exact. Students learn to position footwork for theater viewing.

Ear-training Goals: Following a drum in technique is a regular practice in class, songs with multiple BPM are introduced. Students learn which instruments of mariachis they will be following.

Faldeo: Exact faldeo is required with class. Technique of faldeo is introduced.

Choreoraphy: Full choreography for every song is now the normal procedure. Students are taught to read choreography and write.

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