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Part of the commitment to the Laureles Academy is being up-to-date with all accounts related to participation. We thank you for your understanding.

2023 Tuition

1 Student- $85.00 per month

2 Students- $160.00 per month

3 Students- $235.00 per month

4 Students- $310.00 per month

Pre-K Tuition

$95 per month

Additional discounts available for students participating in Folklorico & Mariachi classes.

Billing: Billing occurs on the 1st of each month automatically.

Late Fees: Accounts are considered late if paid after the 3rd of each month. A $25 fee will be added for all late payments.

Cancellation: Cancellations must be made before 1st of the month payment. There is no credits or refunds after the 1st of the month charge

Makeup classes: Level 1 & 2 are eligible for make-up classes. Parents must write in email date and time of makeup class. Makeups later than 3 weeks will not be allowed.

Updated Credit Card: Please email our office at with your request to update billing.

Extra Rehearsals: Extra rehearsals have a cost of $12 per class.

Recital Costs: Theater recital tickets cost $30.00 per ticket and happen once a year in May. Summer recital is free. December recital cost ranges from $5-$10 per ticket.

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