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Beginning Teen/Adult

Beginning folklorico for adults is a class designed for students who have no prior expierence or who are looking to reconnect with folklorico after a hiatus. Class includes warm ups, technique, step breakdown, and skirtwork practice. Class is taught at a steady pace perfect for perfecting steps all while having fun and making friends!

Laureles Juvenil

Laureles Juvenil class is a professional children's company that is recognized all over San Jose Bay Area and California. Laureles Juvenil is focused on developing skills in sound technique, rhythm, syncopation and coordination. The combinations, steps and rhythms get more advanced and challenging at each level. Stage presence and choreography are important tools students will develop. This level is the culmination of study and hard work. Previous folklorico experience is required. Students from the Laureles Juvenil graduate and join the Los Laureles Company.

Level 1 Beginning Folklorico

Level 1 beginning children is designed for first time students wanting to learn folklorico! This recreational class will teach students the fundamentals of dancing, lefts and rights, forward and back, and keeping rhythm. Mexican music is introduced as well as the states and traditions of each song. Class is taught in English with spanish counting and light directions.

Level 2 Intermediate Folklorico

Level 2  continues and deepens the study of folklorico begun in Level 1. The dancers start working at step names and accuracy to gain strength and knowledge. The class works on listening skills, responsiveness to directions, and awakening self-control and focus. The second portion of the class centers on gross motor movements, while instilling the joy of dance. Choreography and song sequence is mastered as well ask working with your class team.

Level 3 Advanced Children

Level 3 is designed for young dancers who have been dancing folklorico for a minimum of 3 years. Choreograpy is introduced  along with stage awareness. Step technique, sound, and placement is the norm along with choreography. Students present 1 state shows and learn all qualities pertaining to that Mexican state. Vocabulary of steps, states, and technique is spanish is used in each class. Faldeo skirtwork accuracy begins.

Level 4

Level 4 represents the hard work of our dance program, where students have achieved mastery through dedicated research and extensive practice. In this class, we focus on refining the intricate sounds of each step, honing in on the micro sounds that make every move special. Step combinations are taught through visual observation, musical ear training, and precise counting. Our Level 4 class places a strong emphasis on teamwork and presentation. We expect each student to enter the classroom with a high level of discipline and an unwavering passion for dance. Collaboration among both students and teachers is a key feature of this class, as we work together to achieve excellence.

Furthermore, Level 4 serves as a crucial stepping stone for those aspiring to audition and join the prestigious Los Laureles Juvenil professional company.

The Los Laureles Company

The Laureles Company is a professional dance company located in downtown San Jose. This company performs all over California for private and large scale corporations and business as well as festivals. We offer classes from maestro's all over Mexico and paid performance opportunities. To join and audition please email

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