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Policies and procedures

This page contains policies, rules, and general information. Both parents and students are encouraged to read and understand this information.


  • Classes are once a week

  • Ongoing schedule, you may begin as soon as you register

  • You must attend the class in which you are registered. A student may transfer to another class if that class is open for new students. The Director must be consulted for class availability.

  • Studio is not responsible for lost or stolen items left behind

  • All members are required to maintain the studio clean.

  • Label all shoes, skirts, and outfits. Los Laureles, and MACLA are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • No gum, candy, drinks, food, liquids of any sort allowed on studio floor.

  • Parents/students are responsible for any damage done by their children.

  • Parents are allowed to observe class from a distance. Observers must not disturb class and sit quietly.

  • You are responsible for administering any guest that comes to this location and informing them of rules.

Tuition and auto-pay


1 student- $65.00

2 students- $120.00

3 students- $175.00

(only siblings are eligible for discount)

  • Monthly fee's are due the first of the month.

  • All students must be registered for auto-pay.

  • $10.00 Registration fee for registration per family

  • Late fee's are assessed after the 10th of the month at $10.00.

  • There is a $10.00 fee to pay in studio.

  • Maestro's do not collect tuition. Please drop tuition in black box at studio.

  • If you will be taking a break, it is your responsibility to "pause" your paypal account, or email us to pause it.

  • If you are cancelling classes, it is your responsibility to notify us via email so that we may cancel auto-pay.

  • Sign up for auto-pay the 30th-4th of each month here

  • $35.00 will be assesed for bounced checks. 

Maestros and communication

  • Maestros do not answer general questions about tuition, academy, outfits, etc. Please email for all questions. 


  • The studio will be closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Every other holiday we will remain in session unless notified by Maestros.

Student Rules of Conduct

• We shall arrive to class on time.

• We shall not chew gum or bring food or drink into the studio.

• We shall carry dance shoes in a dance bag.

• We shall wear a clean and neat uniform for each class.

• We shall label all dance shoes and dance gear with our full names.

• We shall keep the lobby and dance studio neat.

• We shall keep our cell phones off or on mute while in dance class.

• We shall have our hair secured off our face and neck before class.

• We shall use a deodorant daily and refrain from wearing jewelry to class.

• We shall keep good conduct and quiet voices in the lobby.

• We shall go to the bathroom before class.

• We shall keep our hands off the mirrors.

• We shall speak respectfully to the teachers and to one another.

• We shall not make unnecessary conversation or noise while in class.

• We shall not sit down during class unless instructed by the teacher.

• We shall not miss class except for valid reasons.

• We shall practice at home and be prepared for class even if absent the week prior.

• We shall be positive and proceed with a “can do “attitude.

• We shall politely ask dance – related questions in class.

• We shall use strong arms, stretched feet, and proper body placement.

• We shall use 100 percent of our energies while in class.

• We shall not gossip or put down other students.

• We shall work well and in unison with other dancers in class.

• We shall use proper language and show good sportsmanship at all times.

• We shall wait inside for our ride.

• We shall bring home all notices and give them to our parents.

• We shall act in the manner of a young lady or gentleman at all times.

• We shall respect our art, our instructors, and our fellow dancers.

• We shall smile, learn, and have fun in each class!

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